Gifts For Your Favorite 'World Of WarCraft' Addict

World of Warcraft

Odds are you know someone that's been caught in the vicious web that is "World of WarCraft." Here's hoping that their addiction, while pleasant to them, hasn't ruined your relationship just yet. And, if that's the case, maybe you'd like to give them something for the holidays to improve the thing they love way more than you. Here are some gift ideas for your favorite "WoW" addict.

Razer Naga Gaming Mouse - $79.99

Any "WoW" player will tell you that there are oftentimes not enough keys on the keyboard to cover all their spells, pets and inventory slots. Enter the Naga, quite possibly the most ridiculous mouse I've ever used. Imagine a normal mouse, but on the left side, where you rest your thumb, there are 12 (12!) programmable buttons ready and waiting to pick up the slack. Add in the fact that Razer's been making gaming mice for years and is top notch in terms of build quality and looks. Plus, it glows!

Murloc Talking Plush Toy - $39.99

The most beloved NPC in all of "World of WarCraft," the murloc is a strange, amphibeous, tribe-laden beast whose unique warble has won the hearts of millions. Jinx's talking plush (well, wurrrhlllgggghhhhing plush, I guess) is adorable and makes an excellent desk-side companion.

In-Game Pandaren Monk Pet - $10

Rounding things off we have the stocking stuffer of the bunch. The Pandaren Monk is an in-game martial arts panda who will follow your favorite addict around as they quest, giving them a constant reminder of the person who they are actively (if not intentionally) As an added bonus, $5 of your purchase will be donated to the Make-a-Wish foundation, which is just gravy.