'Final Fantasy XIII' UK Box Art Ditches Backgrounds

Final Fantasy XIII

Square Enix obviously thinks that Lightning, the lead heroine for "Final Fantasy XIII," should be enough to sell the new sequel to British gamers. Well, who are we kidding? The words "Final" and "Fantasy" alone should be enough enough to sell a game in in any region, especially for the series' surprise incarnation on the Xbox 360.

Both the 360 and PlayStation 3 packages for "FFXIII" opted for muted backdrops overseas, bucking previous uses of multiple characters, ominous towers, and generally foreboding or epic imagery. Instead, this new Final Fantasy installment calls out to its audience from the shelf saying "Hey, I'm showing you a little leg (but more leg for 360 owners). Buy me."

Whether or not the same style decisions will be made for the game's North American packaging remains to be seen, but just putting the game's logo on an Xbox 360 box at this point should be quite a pinch to RPG'ing gamers who lack a PS3 and may have thought they were dreaming when "FFXIII" was announced as a two-console release.

The art does its job though, and if you had any doubts about the level of intricate mechanical detail being invested in this game's swords, this packaging should be more than enough to quiet your skepticism.

What do you think of the UK box art for "FFXIII"? Do you think Square Enix should stick with it for North American or go in another direction? Share your reactions in the comment section below.