'Final Fight: Double Impact' Officially Reviving Capcom Arcade Titles

Final Fight: Double Impact

It's surely no accident that just after "Final Fight" characters Cody and Guy were announced as contestants in March's "Super Street Fighter 4" Capcom decided to schedule a downloadable re-release of the pair's original title with "Final Fight: Double Impact." Both "Final Fight" and the knights-and-swords classic "Magic Sword" will be included in the Xbox Live Arcade and PSN packages that will trail "SSF4" in April.

"Double Impact" will integrate "GGPO" technology to "frame-accurate arcade experience across the internet with online voice chat and the ability to join games in progress," according to Capcom's press release today, which promises a lot of multiplayer functionality.

"Final Fight," is of course the now legendary tale of a shirtless mayor and a couple of martial artists who have to save his daughter and city from a gang called Mad Gear. Its partner in "Double Impact," "Magic Sword," uses similar gameplay mechanics in a stricter 2-D space as its hero "The Brave One" battles the Medieval forces of the dark lord Drokmar.

The graphics are getting HD-ified and the same composer who masterminded tunes for "Bionic Commando: Rearmed" will be stepping in to work on sound, but otherwise it sounds like both games will be intact and your arcade memories with them will be ripe for reliving.

Were you "Final Fight" or "Magic Sword" player back during the age of arcades? Are you glad to here that Capcom is making them available again? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.