'LEGO Halo' Gets A Trailer, Coming In 2010...No, It's Not Official

Lego Halo

Before you freak out and think that Traveller's Tales is hard at work on an sometimes-rumored "LEGO Halo" game, this is really just a fan-made 25-minute short set in the "Halo" universe...in LEGO. But, if the below trailer is any indication, this is definitely a short that'll be well worth your less-than-half-an-hour. Check it out below.

Since the trailer doesn't actually use "Halo" by name, and since Microsoft has been generally cool about folks playing with their IPs, it seems likely that "Battle of the Brick: Built for Combat" will see the light of day sometime in 2010. Seems like the sort of thing that would make for awesome bonus content on the "Halo Legends" disc, no?