'Splinter Cell: Conviction' To Feature Co-Op And New Multiplayer Mode

Spinter Cell: Conviction

Despite a small delay, "Splinter Cell: Conviction" still appears to be nested for a February 23, 2010, release date, and Ubisoft is now beginning to roll out gameplay details. Though the Tom Clancy series has featured co-op play before, a new report says the returning option will be joined by at least one additional mode of play in Q1.

The next issue of PC Zone magazine will spotlight a "co-op reveal and a brand new mode," according to CVG. Those modes will presumably include many of the pistol-wielding stances laid out in one of the "Conviction" team's developer diary entries.

Single-player action will follow the series' previously established story, as the developers explained.

"The story for 'Splinter Cell Conviction' takes place shortly after the events of 'Double Agent,'" producer Alexadre Parizeau said. "It opens up with Sam investigating his daughter's death."

Sam Fisher basically goes rogue at this point, parting ways from his superiors.

"He doesn't have any laws to contain him," stated game designer Phillipe Debay. "He doesn't have any orders to follow, and he's enraged."

Michael Ironside returns to the role as scene in the trailer's brief glimpse at the recording studio, and as you can hear, his voice is still raspy enough to rust steel.

What multiplayer features would you like to see included in "Splinter Cell: Conviction"? What are your impressions of the sequel so far? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.