Cyber Monday Is Alive With Gaming And Tech Deals

Cyber Monday

The above picture (taken at PAX 2008) is probably what Cyber Monday would look like if you had to go to a store and wait in line. Thankfully we can now do all our holiday shopping from the comfort of a desk, pants optional, and this Cyber Monday has given us quite an array of excellent deals. Lets check 'em out!


The king of Cyber Monday has a ton of deals to keep you occupied today. The site has "lightning deals" which begin and expire over a set period of time, so you're gonna have to keep checking back if you want to find the best stuff.

Best Gaming Deal:

"Left 4 Dead 2" For $38.96 - Considering the game has only been out for a couple weeks, this one is pretty hard to beat. Plus, zombies!

Best Tech Deal:

Casio EX-Z33BK 10.1MP Digital Camera For $79.00 - As far as point-and-shoots go, the Casio Exilim line has been solid, and for under $100 you're getting one with optical zoom. Nice!

Best Buy

Next up, but big blue box.

Best Gaming Deal:

"World of WarCraft: Battle Chest" for $20 - As much as I hesitate to recommend something that ends relationships and sometimes lives, if your giftee has a level of self-control and a love of great RPGs, they'll no doubt get plenty of use out of this pack, which includes the main game, the expansion pack and a strategy guide for each.

Best Tech Deal:

Samsung Netbook N140-14 For $279.99 - While it's not going to run "Crysis" anytime soon, this netbook from Samsung is one of the better picks out there, capable of running high quality video and most of your other basic computing needs.


Evil or no, they do have good deals.

Best Gaming Deal:

PS3 with "Batman: Arkham Asylum," "Infamous" and "The Dark Knight" Blu-Ray for $369 - Basically you're getting 2 excellent games and a great movie for $69, which, if you're planning on getting a PS3 anyway, is about as good a deal as you're going to find.

Best Tech Deal:

Sony Bravia 32'' For $398 - If you're looking to build out your man cave, this smaller-sized but still purdy-lookin' LCD is a good way to go. 3 HDMI and 2 component inputs mean that you should have plenty of space to hook in every console under the sun.