'Puzzle Quest 2' Coming This Spring

Puzzle Quest 2

Often imitated and heretofore unduplicated, "Puzzle Quest" was a dark horse delight, stealing dozens of productivity hours by mixing the horrible addiction of "Bejeweled" with the horrible addition of a BioWare RPG. As much as I loved the first game, none of its predecessors, even the anticipated "Puzzle Quest: Galaxtrix," managed to capture the magic. So why not go back to basics? D3 has announced that "Puzzle Quest 2" is coming to the 360 and Nintendo DS this spring.

Based on the screenshots they've released, it appears that the game won't be a major shift from the original "Puzzle Quest," with familiar colored orbs, damage skulls and spells. D3 has said that the game will introduce 4 new playable classes, as well as a tournament mode, in addition to the features that were present in the first.

I haven't actually seen "Puzzle Quest 2" in action, but if it's the first game with slightly prettier gems that would probably be enough for me to sink another 20 hours into it.