'Guitar Hero 6' Team Working With Project Natal

Project Natal

In addition to hearing Tesla in "Guitar Hero 6" players may be getting some added control systems, including actions tied to Microsoft's Project Natal setup. Though the sequel is still in its infancy, the development team at Neversoft is already experimenting with alternative input possibilities.

“There are a lot of possibilities that technologies like Natal will bring, and we’re definitely exploring those,” "Guitar Hero" founder Kai Huang told The Seattle Times.

Presumably Natal controls would open the door to new ways to score bonuses rocking out -- beyond just tipping your guitar upward or fiddling with the whammy bar. Huang suggested a few other potential uses and indicated that movement tracking is a big part of what he wants to integrate for "Guitar Hero 6."

“We haven’t made any specific announcements of what we’re doing with new technologies in 'Guitar Hero 6' and beyond, but one of the areas we’re exploring certainly is camera technology and what you can do — track your movements and maybe have your characters on the screen do certain things you’re doing, or personalise it more so it can look more like you on stage rather than just be an avatar."

What kinds of controls would you like to see "Guitar Hero 6" use? Do you think Project Natal will be a good fit for the franchise? Sound off in the comment section below.