New 'Final Fantasy XIII' Trailer Brings Epic Scenes In Japanese

Final Fantasy XIII

If you're a "Deus Ex" fan who didn't know what to expect when you read that Square Enix would be working on cinematic effects for "Deus Ex 3," look no further than the new "Final Fantasy XIII" trailer just released from Japan. The packed montage features cut scenes and in-game footage, as well as 100% less commentary by mysterious infomercial-style hosts than the last trailer.

All of the dialog is in Japanese, so you may need to pull out your pocket translator to glean any plot details from the characters' lines, but there's a lot of drama packed into these five minutes:

There's some new in-game fight action to witness as well, including Vanille's big mech robot thing with Gatling gun arms that looks pretty fun. One of my favorite games to play while watching it is guessing which creatures are actual characters and which gigantic Power Rangers-scale knight/robot entities are just connected to summon spells. The game looks like it should have plenty of size to go around.

What do you think of the new "FFXII" trailer? See anything you're excited about casting? Share your reactions in the comment section below.