'Star Wars: The Old Republic' Jedi Consular And Sith Inquisitor Revealed

Sith Warrior

We already new that "Star Wars: The Old Republic" would have "sexual tension," but now we have the complete list of playable character classes as well. The Jedi Consular And Sith Inquisitor officially round off the roster of choices players will have when the game goes live.

"Fans of 'Star Wars: The Old Republic' will be in for a treat this week!" BioWare community manager Sean Dahlberg wrote in a post on SWTOR.com. "Several magazines in North America and Europe will have articles that not only talk about The Old Republic but also reveal our final two classes: the Jedi Consular and the Sith Inquisitor!"

"We will be updating the HoloNet with information about both of these in December, but in the meantime, feel free to participate in discussions within the class areas for both the Jedi Consular and Sith Inquisitor."

That brings the final playable class count to eight for "The Old Republic," which for the record now includes:

• Jedi Consular

• Bounty Hunter

• Sith Warrior

• Imperial Agent

• Sith Inquisitor

• Trooper

• Smuggler

• Jedi Knight

What do you think of the final character class rundown for "Star Wars: The Old Republic"? Which one do you want to try first when the game launches? Share your reactions in the comment section below.