'Super Street Fighter 4' Reviving 'Street Fighter Alpha 3' Characters


Car punching won't be the only familiar sight returning to the Street Fighter series in "Super Street Fighter 4." The list of mystery fighters showing up for the game became a little less mysterious this week as Adon, Cody and Guy have all now been confirmed. All three characters showed up in 1998's "Super Street Fighter Alpha 3," and the latter two names should be instantly recognizable to players of Capcom's vintage arcade and console classic "Final Fight."

The veteran Street Fighter contestants showed up in scans of the most recent issue of Famitsu over at Siliconera. They'll join new Korean Fighter Juri, along with Dee Jay, T. Hawk and possibly some other rumored characters.

Adon dates back to the original "Street Fighter" arcade game where Ryu, Ken and Sagat all got their starts as well. His fighting style resembles Sagat's Muay Thai, and a few of his high-kicking knees are on display in the article.

Cody doesn't appear to have taken his prison clothes off since "SFA 3," though amid frame jobs, convictions and his designer drug addiction from the "Final Fight" series, it's entirely conceivable that he's had to break out of the pen yet again.

We'll find out when the story deals come to light and the game hits shelves in March.

Which fighters would you like to see brought back for "Super Street Fighter 4"? Are you happy with Capcom's picks so far? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.