'Mercenaries' Multiplayer-Centric Shooter Revealed

Mercs Inc

First "The Saboteur" goes gold, now "Mercs, Inc." gets revealed. It seems like a lot of news continues to pump out of Pandemic Studios, despite the fact that they've been closed down by EA.

BitMob got ahold of an internal trailer for a game Pandemic was working on, set in the "Mercenaries" universe. Titled "Mercs, Inc.," the game appears to be multiplayer-centric; more so than the two-player co-op of "Mercenaries 2: World in Flames." You can check out the footage below.

Although it's clearly very early in development, the game looks a bit like "Battlefield Heroes," and I wouldn't be surprised if it was another attempt by EA to go down the free-to-play path. Since the "Mercenaries" franchise rights have been passed on to another studio, it's still possible we'll be seeing "Mercs, Inc." sometime in the future, but for the time being we'll just have to wonder what could've been.