'Alan Wake' Awakening For May Release?

Alan Wake

Previously mentioned as a hopeful Spring 2010 release, Microsoft's Remedy-developed "Alan Wake" may be a lock for May on the 360. The dark, psychological thriller that is reportedly structured episodically to emulate a TV series has been in the workshop for almost half a decade but emerged at E3 as a playable demo. It also appears to be proceeding on schedule -- pending confirmation of course.

Microsoft wants a global release for the title in late May, an unnamed source told MCV. The company refused to comment officially, calling the May news "rumor and speculation," but the report quotes its source as saying the game will be promoted "in the style of a Hollywood movie," whatever that means.

Footage that's been release thus far from "Alan Wake" resembles more of a "Twin Peaks"-esque plot than it does a traditional "Uncharted" or "GTA IV"-style action game, setting itself in a remote town called Bright Falls. Mystery, murder and changing light and weather will reportedly be part of the story and gameplay.

It's interesting to hear someone compare the game's promotion to a movie when the game has already been compare to a TV drama. That may just mean that it's going to be getting prime time ad buys and billboards like any big-budget game these days, or it could mean that there are some sincerely innovative surprises in store for how "Alan Wake" is going to be marketed. Either way, five years of development is a long time and a lot of people are going to be anxious to see how this title turns out.

What kind of expectations do you have for "Alan Wake"? Do you think the game will make onto your calendar in what's already shaping up to be a busy release season? Share your reactions in the comment section below.