BlizzCon Moving To Las Vegas For 2010?

BlizzCon Las Vegas

BlizzCon may decide to move out of Anaheim for 2010, but then again it might not, and no matter what you've read anywhere Blizzard definitely isn't confirming that the show has been moved to Las Vegas. At least that's quick summary of speculation on the Internet today following a listing for the show at the Las Vegas Convention Center that has since been taken down.

"As we haven't announced any details about the next BlizzCon, we can say it won't be held in Las Vegas," a Blizzard representative told Questions about the annual gathering's location arose today after the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority website posted the convention on their calendar for July 30 and 31 with an expected 30,000 attendees.

Though that entry no longer exists, the news renewed questions about BlizzCon's sustainability in Anaheim. Blizzard has gone on record stating that the show operates there at a loss, despite the large amount of marketing and advertising that takes place. If a Vegas move were to make it possible to raise attendance and cut overhead costs for space rental, such a deal might make too much sense to refuse.

But then again, a Las Vegas BlizzCon could just be the result of a miscommunication somewhere along the line, and everyone very well may find themselves back in California next year.

Do you think Las Vegas would be a good home for BlizzCon? Would you rather see it stay in Anaheim? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.