'Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition' To Come Via DLC

Resident Evil 5

Capcom reached a crossroads with the U.S. market after announcing the newly packaged "Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition" for Japan. The revamped version of the game, which includes new content and features, could either come to North America as new edition of the game or in the form of a download that may have prompted early buyers to flood the secondary market with their used "RE5" discs. After conducting an online poll, however, Capcom has opted to go with DLC.

"As of this morning, we had close to 1500 people vote for DLC and close to 900 vote for a new physical product," Capcom's senior director of communications Chris Kramer announced Monday on Capcom-Unity.com. "In addition, we had over 300 comments on the blog posting, which is amazing to all of us here at Capcom.

Kramer admitted the poll's results were close, especially considering that it took place online and may have skewed toward players more comfortable with online transactions. He also said that Capcom was expecting higher demand for DLC. Nevertheless, DLC won in the end, and he encourage gamers to hang on to their discs instead of selling them or giving them away.

"And here’s an example of Capcom Unity in action: based on your feedback, in North American, European and Australia territories, Capcom will be making the new 'RE5' content for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 available as downloadable content," he said. "You will not be asked to purchase a new copy of the game just to get at the new stuff, just make sure to hold on to your 'RE5' disc and you’ll be ready to roll in Spring 2010 when we make available new Resident Evil adventures (and some other things we haven’t told you about yet) for you."

That may or may not be a direct attempt to tighten the valve on used game sales, which publishers can be notoriously leery-eyed about. Then again, landing a blow against the secondary market may have just been an an opportune afterthought made convenient by the DLC decision.

Are you glad that Capcom opted to release "RE5: Alternative Edition" as DLC? Would you have preferred it as a new disc? Share your reactions in the comment section below.