PS3 Netflix Disc Here To Stay Through Late 2010


Sony closed one capability gap between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in October by announcing the arrival of Netflix on the PS3. Access requires a slightly different process, however, as users need to order a free Blu-ray disc from Netflix to stream content. That means the interface and features can't be altered through a PSN update, as can be done over Xbox Live. And from the way Netflix describes things, that's the way it will stay until late 2010.

"Late next year we expect to have an embedded solution available for PS3s via a system software update slated for release through the PlayStation Network," Netflix VP of corp. communications Steve Swasey told "Until then, enjoy watching instantly via your PS3 using the instant streaming disc!"

To be fair, the Netflix streaming service for the PS3 doesn't require a paid PSN account in addition to a Netflix subscription like its XBL counterpart does, but Xbox streaming has added a host of user-friendly features since its creation in the form of queue editing and group streaming. Though Netflix streaming may be launching for PS3 with more features than it did for XBL, it's also at a distinct disadvantage not being able to easily patch itself or grow without a new Blu-ray disc.

Have you ordered a Netflix disc for the PS3 yet? Would you like to see a different interface before the end of next year? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.