'StarCraft 2' Beta Pushed To 2010

StarCraft 2

"StarCraft 2" peeped out of development for a few gamers at the Russian games expo IgroMir, and many others hoped to see a public beta test for the game by the end of 2009. Blizzard confirmed, however, that such release isn't likely to appear until 2010, as the first chapter of the game, titled "Wings of Liberty" has been pushed up to next Spring.

"Wings of Liberty" will now be tagged for the second quarter of 2010, according a Eurogamer report on an IgroMir presentation given by "StarCraft 2" producer Chris Sigaty. That beta will reportedly introduce the world to Blizzard's new Battle.net framework that will integrate Xbox Live-like social features and spread online play across a cloud system, allowing players to access their save points from multiple computers.

In the meantime, you'll have to wait out the Winter with the game's trailers and the voice acting of newly cast star Tricia Helfer of "Battlestar Galactica."

Blizzard will have to perform to some ridiculously high international expectations with "StarCraft 2," so it's definitely not a bombshell for them to reveal the beta test is being delayed, particularly as they ready Battle.net to premier. There are going to be a lot of eager RTS players waiting to see how that works out.

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