'Borderlands' DLC Coming November 24th

Borderlands DLC

Having already taken my Siren to level 50 (it took 36 hours, in case you're wondering), I don't know how much I'm clamoring for additional "Borderlands" content just yet. After all, the next two weeks are ridden with big game releases.

But, despite my need to take a little break from Pandora, Gearbox is marching on ahead, releasing their first DLC pack for the game on November 24th.

Titled "The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned," the pack will run players $10 on PSN and Xbox Live and will feature a bunch of new, presumably-zombiefied enemies to face. At ten bucks, though, I hope they can offer a decent amount of content. Many of the zones in "Borderlands" can be bypassed in an hour or two, and that sorta length seems a little paltry for $10 DLC. Here's hoping Gearbox is following Bethesda's "Fallout 3" standards of DLC.