Activision Files 'Drum Hero' Trademark

Drum Hero

Activision already has "Guitar Hero," "DJ Hero" and "Band Hero" under its wings, but a filing from the end of October indicates that they want "Drum Hero" as well. Though the claim was still being processed as of November 3rd, it clearly marks the company's territory for the potential title, outlining the types of products such a name might be applied to.

Any video games, handheld liquid crystal display games or toys bearing the "Band Hero" name are covered by the trademark Activision has filed for, according to the United State Patent and Trademark Office.

Merely claiming such a trademark doesn't guarantee that a "Drum Hero" title is currently in development, of course. No matter what level of infancy the idea be at, trademark filing can mean as little as an attempt to keep a competitor from sniping the name. Of course, with drum peripherals already in homes and readily available, a "Drum Hero" game would make plenty of sense and require less gamer investment that a full "DJ Hero" package in theory.

In the meantime, don't be surprised if you see a headline next year about John Bonham, Dave Grohl or Neil Peart licensing their likeness away for a new project.

Which drummers would you like to see represented if Activision makes a "Drum Hero" game? Should that be their next step with the "Hero" series, or should they make something else? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.