REO Speedwagon Finds Their Way To A Downloadable Adventure Game

REO Speedwagon

REO Speedwagon tracks have already found their way to "Rock Band." Unlike Van Halen, Metallica or The Beatles, however, who have all chosen music-based released to make their headlining video game debuts, REO has selected the lesser trod genre of "hidden object adventure" games to come to PC's and Macs. "Find Your Own Way Home," named for the track and title of the band's 2007 studio album, promises 10 hours of gameplay and all-new recordings of REO songs from publisher Merscom and production studio Curious Sense.

"'Find Your Own Way' Home is our first product in this category, so it was important that we were aligned with great partners," Curious Sense CEO Adam Blumenthal said in a press release. "In Merscom we have a partner with a tremendous track record of one success after another."

In the game, which will be available via download, Ruby, a reporter an entertainment news program, covers REO's new CD launch party, only to discover that frontman Kevin Cronin is missing. The point of the game is then to find him be hunting down clues through 80 levels.

According to the release, Curious Sense is going to be churning out similar games for other bands in the near future.

Are you an REO Speedwagon fan? What do you think of their newly announced game? Are there any bands out there you think should get their own adventure game? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.