John Carmack: Apple Already Ported 'Quake' To iPhone

Quake iPhone

In an interview with "DOOM" creator and id Software Technical Director John Carmack, he revealed that while he plans on releasing "Quake" for the iPhone, Apple's already done most of the work.

"Work will start on 'Quake Classic'...Apple has an internal version that they ported themselves for development and benchmark testing. So I'll probably get them to spit up what they actually did as a baseline for us. At one point somebody actually submitted it to the App Store, a version that they had made, and we had to have that pulled down."

In terms of development time on 'Quake Classic,' Carmack said he's "going to try and pass the work off to the other mobile developers...I'm just not going to be able to disappear for weeks at a time like I kinda did on ['Wolfenstein 3D Classic and 'DOOM Classic]."

He went on to say that he'd still be tapped in to the process:

"I'm hoping that I can get one of the newer, younger developers doing most of the work on there, and let me just work on optimization and user interface control scheme work. But that's not something that's gonna be happening in the next couple months. What I'm hoping for is something like an iPhone release per quarter."

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