Pete Wentz On 'Band Hero,' Gaming Habits

Fall Out Boy front-man Pete Wentz is one of a handful of celebrities that Activision has tapped thus far to reenact the famous floor-skid underwear scene from "Risky Business." Past stars include Heidi Klum (guh), Alex Rodriguez and Bobby Knight throwing a drum kit. For the "Band Hero" commercial, Wentz is playing backup for Taylor Swift, paired with Rivers Cuomo and Travis Barker, with the band appearing in the buttondown shirt/underwear combo.

I spoke with Wentz about the commercial, as well as his gaming habits.

Regarding recreating the classic movie moment from "Risky Business," Wentz said it didn't come easily.

"I have a new appreciation for everyone that's done that slide. It's hard to slide into once place and kinda try to look cool and do it on a beat. It's not an easy thing to do. It would change up, 'cause they'd Lysol the floor and it'd be sometimes I'd go way too far. And then they put down an adhesive to make sure I wouldn't go too far, and when I hit that, I'd just wipe one's ever gonna do it as well as Tom."

Wentz went on to talk about his history as a gamer and what he spends most of his time playing:

"My gaming history is really scattered. Back in the day I was really a Nintendo guy. I got really into 'Contra' and 'Super Mario Bros.' and then Super Nintendo and Genesis. And then I lapsed, I started liking girls or something, I don't really know. Then I got back into Tony Hawk and realized there was cool music in that and there was cool music in Madden. Eventually my friends got me into 'Guitar Hero,' and outside of 'Wii Sports,' 'Guitar Hero 5' is probably what I play the most. And now I'll play 'Band Hero' 'cause I've got some jams on that thing!"

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