Infinity Ward On 'Modern Warfare 2' Dedicated Servers: Wait And See

With people still up in arms about the lack of dedicated servers in the PC version of "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2," we spoke directly to Robert Bowling at Infinity Ward to get his final word on the matter. You can see his response above, but the general theme seems to be: Wait and see.

It's the tone they've taken with just about everything since the game started leaking on the web about a week ago. When asked for comment regarding, say, support for Party Chat on the 360, the template response IW is sending out is as follows:

"We won’t confirm / deny or comment on any leaks. Players should wait to discover and enjoy it themselves come November 10th. Any judgment of features should be reserved until they get a chance to experience them in context of the full game."

Thankfully there's less than a week of waiting before we can see for ourselves.

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