'Super Street Fighter 4' May Bring Back Car Punching

Super Street Fighter 4

Anyone sentimental for the old "World Warrior" days of between-match mini-games demolishing cars may want to give "Super Street Fighter 4" a second glance. Some scans covered in Japanese from Famitsu appear to reveal the past time's return to Capcom's franchise with next year's release.

The image, posted on Wii @ Everyday clearly shows Ryu performing a Tornado Whirlwind Kick on an unsuspecting automobile and 55 seconds left on his timer. Also show are several screenshots of the barrel breaking event, though no brick busting levels appear.

The $39.99 release is slated to hit on March 23, 2010, so between now and then Capcom may have a case to make to everyone who purchased "Steet Fighter 4" to convince them to re-invest. Right now, it looks like the list of additions include new fighters Juri, Dee Jay and T. Hawk, as well as these mini-games.

It's cool to see these classic game elements being reintroduced, but at the same time, as one of those players who bought "Street Fighter 4" the week it came out, I have to wonder why all of this had to be re-packaged into a new full game instead of being sold at least in part à la carte as DLC.

Are you glad to see car punching making its return to the "Street Fighter" series? Are there any other classic elements you would like to see brought back? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.