30 Seconds To Mars Featured In 'Dragon Age: Origins'

EA is continuing its long and difficult campaign of convincing people that "Dragon Age: Origins" is not quite as nerdy as it appears. Today's featured attempt? Bringing 30 Seconds To Mars into the mix. The band contributed one of their new singles, "This Is War," for use in the game. The song is the title track from their upcoming album which drops on December 8th.

Jared Leto, the band's front-man, provided this canned, somewhat antiseptic statement:

"We always like to push the envelope in the entertainment and media space and debuting our title track in a game of this caliber is a great way to communicate our music to fans around the world. We've come a long way from having to rely solely on radio to approach and engage music fans, and 'Dragon Age: Origins' is the perfect game to do this with."

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