Robert Zemeckis Sucks At Video Games (And He's Fine With It!)

The director of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" and the forthcoming "A Christmas Carol" remake is not much of a gamer. Despite the awesome video game based on the "Roger Rabbit" flick, it seems that Robert Zemeckis has never really been very good at video games, despite being very impressed by them:

"I love what they do in the technology, the way they move those images, I'm fascinated by the amount of code-writing those guys do to make those games work. But I just have a problem sitting there for hours and hours and hours knowing that I'm always going to end up losing. It's such a fatalistic mindset, I know I'm never going to get to the highest level...but I'm gonna play anyway."

Yeah, rock on Zemeckis! Now you just need to make up for the bad games based on "Back To The Future," "Back To The Future 2," "Back To the Future 3" and "Beowulf." An awesome game based on the forthcoming "Roger Rabbit" sequel? Sure, that'd do!

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