Exclusive: 'Modern Warfare 2' Dev Discusses The Evolution Of Soap MacTavish (And His Mohawk)

Modern Warfare 2

Recently we took a tour around the Infinity Ward studios to see the last few bolts being screwed on to "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2." We spoke to a bunch of folks from the team, and I'll be running clips from the interviews right on through to the game's release next Tuesday.

First up we have Joel Emslie, the Lead Character Artist for "Modern Warfare 2," discussing the returning characters. Don't worry, it's pretty spoiler-free, but he does explain why Soap (the returning protagonist from the first game) is now sporting a mohawk. Hmm...I guess he could've had one before and we just didn't know, but this time we get a face full of it. Check out the video below.