'World of Warcraft' Faces Goverment Crackdown In China

World of Warcraft China

NetEase, the company responsible for operating "World of Warcraft" in China found itself staring at a rejection notice this week from the country's China’s General Administration of Press and Publication (GAPP), and the consequences could range from penalties to halting the addition of any new accounts.

The GAPP notice stated that the agency has returned NetEase's application to operate in China and called any new accounts the company has recently charged customers for and added "illegal behavior," according to JLM Pacific Epoch.

NetEase responded by claiming that they have yet to receive any official communication about the matter from GAPP.

"GAPP also notes in its statement that it is evaluating whether to impose administrative penalties on Shanghai EaseNet," according to an official press release from EaseNet. "As of the time of this press release, neither NetEase nor Shanghai EaseNet has been officially notified of GAPP's determination."

To complicate things further, an official from the Ministry of Culture of China has reportedly spoken up about the matter and called GAPP's actions inappropriate, according to MOBINODE.

NetEase seem as confused as anyone, indicating in their release that they believe they have done nothing wrong.

"NetEase and Shanghai EaseNet believe that they are in full compliance with applicable PRC laws and are currently seeking clarification from the relevant governmental authorities regarding this statement by GAPP."

How do you think Chinese 'WoW" players will react if NetEase experiences an interruption in services? Does it sound to you like NetEase did anything wrong? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.