Thor and Captain America Games Coming In 2011

Thor and Captain America

Captain America and Thor will both have big years in 2011. The two Marvel superheroes and original Avengers have their own feature films scheduled to hit theaters, but as of today they also have their own Sega games marked on the calendar.

Though "scheduled release dates are subject to change," according to a Marvel Q3 earnings report, "Thor" is tagged for May and "Captain America" for July. Those releases coincide with Kenneth Branagh's "Thor" and Joe Johnston's "The First Avenger: Captain America," respectively.

Sega's "Iron Man 2" game, meanwhile, is slotted for April 2010, one month ahead of its movie counterpart starring Robert Downey Jr.

Right now, those names look like they might be tentative on the Thor and Cap titles, though. It's interesting that "Captain America" is the only one of the three games not labeled to correspond with its movie. Granted, "The First Avenger: Captain America" is a pretty long title, though.

2010 leaves plenty of time for Marvel fanboys to finish this year's "Ultimate Alliance 2." The first "Ultimate Alliance" was the bar I've held all other Marvel games to since its release -- rule of thumb being that if the new game isn't at least as good an experience as using the same hero in "Ultimate Alliance," it's not worth picking up.

Do you want to see the Thor and Captain America games mirror the stories of the films? Or would you rather seem them go their own ways? Which villains do you want to see appear? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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