American McGee's 'Return of Alice' Waking Up For 2011 Release

Return of Alice

EA CEO John Riccitiello said that an "American McGee's Alice" sequel was under construction for PC and consoles, and it now appears that "Return of Alice" has made it far enough to warrant a trailer and release year clarification. Following its 2000 cult-hit predecessor, the new Chinese-developed action title appears to continue its saga about mentally disturbed young girl whose vision of a punkier, Gothier Cheshire Cat than Lewis Carroll originally envisioned takes her on a homicidal quest themed around "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland."

EA's teaser site for "Return of Alice" (which I can't currently get to work on any of my Windows-based browsers) and the new "Return of Alice" trailer have the game tagged for release in 2011, as noted over at EL33TONLINE.

Though the game's title still may be tentative, it appears to be moving ahead over at Spicy Horse. The trailer doesn't offer a whole lot of information about the story other than a few remarks by Alice's pessimistic psychiatrist. He states that he is writing on September 3, 1875, nine months after the title character's "miraculous recovery and relapse," and is considering "a more radical course of treatment" for her.

The art direction on the first "Alice" game remains enchantingly horrific, especially since it was set up on the "Quake 3" engine. Seeing what Spicy Horse manages to do and with what resources should be fun to watch over the next year.

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