'Modern Warfare 2' Blocking XBL Party Chat, Resetting Leaderboards?

Modern Warfare 2

Infinity Ward has taken bold steps to curb illicit activities surrounding "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2," which makes its retail shelf debut in just over a week. The game's developers have already announced a controversial new matchmaking system for PC multiplayer mode, which is presumably in part meant to curb piracy. Now, it's been revealed that "MW2" will block party chats on Xbox Live and reset its current leaderboards at launch to try and level the online playing field.

A message prompting users to switch over to a game chat channel appears if someone attempts to play "CW2" online while in a party chat, according to screen cap posted on NeoGAF. Such a move would make sense in an effort to discourage cheating among players circumventing in-games channels of communication -- though such tactics can be executed just as easily using Skype, cell phones or virtually any other of out-of-game voice-chat platform.

Online leaderboards, meanwhile, will reset when "CW2" hits stores in order to give consumers a common starting line with reviewers or developers to beef up their stats and scores.

"It definitely looks like a full leaderboard [and] level reset is in order just before the release date to ensure no unfair advantages," Infinity Ward community manager Robert Bowling announced from his Twitter account.

There will undoubtedly be players who feel wronged by both of these moves, but overall they seem to be easier cases to make to the general population than the abolishment of dedicated servers. So in retrospect it's probably good that they got that one out of the way first.

What do you think? Will blocking party chat affect your "CW2" playing? Are you glad to hear that leaderboards will restart on launch day? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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