'Hook Champ,' 'Dungeon Hunter,' 'Big Buck Hunter Pro' - iPhone Gaming Round-up

Hook Champ

In this week's iPhone gaming round-up, I'm pulling out two quick recommendations and something to keep an eye out for. Think you can handle it? Good, lets go!

"Hook Champ" ($2.99, Lite Version Available)

Old school to the max, "Hook Champ" features "Bionic Commando"-style swing gameplay at top speed with retro graphics and shotguns. You're basically tasked with swiping the jewels from a variety of underground temples before swinging to freedom. The game's art style is very similar to that of indie mainstay, "Spelunky," featuring an Indiana Jones knock-off as the hero. There's a light RPG element, too, as you can upgrade the hero's rope, weapons and even his rocket boots. Definitely worth the $3 asking price, but there's a Lite version if you're still not convinced.

"Dungeon Hunter" ($6.99)

A straight "Diablo" knock-off, but an extremely well made one, GameLoft's hack and slash RPG offers up tons of weapons, 3 varied classes and a solid 10 to 12 hours of gameplay with just a single character. I think I was most impressed by the game's controls, which place up to 4 skills right at your fingertips and let you auto target enemies with a single tap, letting you clear out groups of five or six enemies with little to no trouble. One of the deepest game experiences I've had on the iPhone.

"Big Buck Hunter Pro" (Not Yet Released)

An exclusive preview on TouchArcade has revealed that "Big Buck Hunter Pro" is on the way to the App Store sometime soon. The video they've got running shows graphics and presentation that are nearly identical to its arcade counterpart. Now all we need are tiny orange shotguns!