'Trine' Finally Comes to PSN In US, Developer Discusses The Delay


After the PC version's release came and went, and folks were still left without a PSN version of "Trine," questions were asked. More questions were asked were asked the the game released on the PSN in Europe, but not in the States. Thankfully those questions become somewhat moot today, as the game is releasing to the world. Great news for folks who enjoy unique puzzle platformers involving wizards with traditional wizard head gear (among others).

But, what the hey, lets find out what took so long, shall we? The developer, Frozenbyte, was more than happy to oblige in their forums:

"Of course, things did not go to plan. The game came back from testing with a list of things to fix, and those needed to be fixed before the game could be submitted again. These were of the "if the user unplugs the controller while the level is loading, the game should do X" (not a real example) sort of things, or wrong version numbers, wrong error messages or such. All console manufacturers have this process and games need to adhere to these rules. There are certain instructions to follow but it's not always clear-cut how certain things need to be done, and thus it's not possible to prepare for everything. Anyhow, these issues are important to fix, and more often than not they are 30 minute jobs each, so we stayed late at the office and usually delivered a new build on the next day to the publisher, who in turn had to resubmit it. Each submission causes a number of weeks of delay, and we had to go through this multiple times. It started to get quite frustrating at the end, believe me..."

You can read the full post here. It's an honest, candid write-up from a developer that clearly just wanted to make an awesome game and simply didn't expect the hurdles that sometimes come along with that.

Of course, instead of reading that, you could just be playing the game right now. It's entirely up to you.

(via Joystiq)