Attention Sirens: Top Tier 'Borderlands' Skill Busted


By now you're probably hip deep in the wilds of Pandora, thanks to the release of "Borderlands" this week. Unfortunately it seems that the skill tree of the Siren is a bit busted, due to one of its top tier skills not being quite as effective as it seems like it should.

Phase Strike sits at the top of the Siren's Assassin Tree and, when maxed, is supposed to dish out 800% melee damage when meleeing during a Phase Walk. Last night my second major character, a Siren, reached level 25 and I was finally starting to dump serious points into Phase Strike, thinking that I could basically one-shot a single enemy with rogue-like backstab. It wasn't to be. Even fully maxed, Phase Strike won't deal much more than a normal melee attack, let alone 8 times that amount.

So I did some research and it seems I'm not the only one. A game designer at Gearbox, whose handle is MongooseDog, commented on a thread regarding the skill, saying the following:

"We've been doing some investigation into Phase Strike, and it does not appear to be working as intended."

Thankfully respeccing in "Borderlands" is as easy as spending the cash, but it's sad that a particularly cool skill is, for the moment, a waste of time and energy. Just something to keep in mind as you level up your electrifying lass. Here's hoping the title update comes sooner rather than later.