Tokio Hotel Takes The MTV Big Buck Challenge

Tokio Hotel, German pop rock juggernaut, was in the office this week to talk about their new album, "Humanoid." Their arrival gave me a perfect excuse to kick off a brand new feature: The MTV Big Buck Challenge.

Here's the idea: Celebrities come into the MTV newsroom with frequent regularly. We give each celebrity the chance at one round of "Big Buck Safari," an arcade game which allows you to, well, shoot a variety of digital animals in the face. We then record that celebrity's score and see how it stands up against the rest of the participants. So, in theory, we'll be able to see how Snoop Dogg stacks up against Kristen Stewart in the realm of digital shotgun marksmanship.

That's the idea. Unfortunately our first attempt didn't go so well. There was a bit of a language barrier with the Tokio Hotel guys, and time was short, so we only got them messing around with the game before they unceremoniously quit. On the leader board they're listed as "DNF."

I did, however, manage to get this shot, which is definitely not a recommended method for success.

Tokio Hotel