Retro Design For 'Epic Mickey' Revealed


Disney's new surrealist surprise "Epic Mickey" keeps trickling peeks and info out into the Internet, and this week's big reveal is the much-hyped retro design treatment for the game's title mouse. While Disney villains in the game appear to be getting a stripped-down, animatronic steam-punk look, Mickey's design goes back to his early animation roots.

The new Mickey images showed up with a feature on gameplay and visuals over at, where an animatronic Donald Duck and scene artwork was also revealed.

According to the new details, paint will be used in "Epic Mickey" to "fill in blank, glittering spaces," whereas thinner serves the exact opposite purpose and can erase things. Such strategies will be implemented in exploring and advancing through levels.

Another piece of artwork on display presents the difference between "Toon" and "Inert" states of a house, which somewhat resemble the Legend of Zelda series' "Twilight Princess" style of dual object manifestations. In light of other game info that's been released, we can probably assume Mickey needs to restore Inert things to there more family friendly Toon states.

The feature also shows off fully rendered looks at that Beetleworx creature from before and looks at the Mad Doctor character from Mickey's past who looks to be getting revived. It's worth a look-over for Disneyphiles.

What do you think of the art direction for "Epic Mickey"? Do you like what's shown up so far? Share your reactions in the comment section below.