Microsoft Tests Rewards Program For Xbox Live

Xbox Live Rewards

Microsoft emails promising "cool stuff" have reportedly been distributed to select Xbox Live users as part of a new mystery rewards program. Though the emails don't explicitly say what users will receive for signing up by the October 21st deadline, they do brandish large headlines implying exclusivity and shiny things.

"This is an exclusive pilot rewards program. That means that the people who get in get stuff," the email reads, according to Kotaku. "Cool stuff. You want cool stuff, right? Sure you do, we all want stuff. Especially cool stuff."

So, to review, we can deduce two things for sure 1) Microsoft's new program will involve stuff 2) Microsoft believes participating users will thing this stuff is cool.

"This offer is for a select few - you can't send it to anyone else (why would you send something this awesome to someone else, are you nuts?)," the email continues. "If you make the cut, you can pass or opt-out whenever you want."

Obviously, if you haven't received this email, you are not special. However, it does appear that there is a second tier of special people who may receive invitations, depending on how many first-round users opt out or ignore the program.

"[Y]ou've only got until October 21, 2009 to let us know you want cool stuff," the email states, "because after that, the doors close and someone else gets the cool stuff."

So how cool do you think this "cool stuff" will be? Did you receive an invite for Microsoft's new program? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.