'Super Street Fighter 4' Playable In NYC

Super Street Fighter 4

Looking to get an early jump on your T. Hawk skills? Capcom is reviving their secret Fight Clubs in honor of "Super Street Fighter 4." As usual the address is super secret, but you can email Capcom and try to score an invite. "Super Street Fighter 4" will probably be the star of the show (with T. Hawk, Dee Jay and Juri as playable characters), but don't forget "Tatsonoko vs. Capcom," which will also have new playable characters like Zero and Joe the Condor.

These events are particularly cool in that they manage to get real hardcore fans playing the games they love. It's endearing for a Japanese company that was, for so long, very closed off from the west in terms of early access to games. But, as we've seen with games like "Dead Rising" and "Lost Planet 2," inroads are definitely being made.

(via Destructoid)