'Grand Theft Auto 4' Record Goes To Gamer In India

Grand Theft Auto IV

India may already be a nuclear power with one of the world's biggest film industries, but the country has now added a new crown jewel to its collection -- a Guinness World Record for "Grand Theft Auto IV." 26-year-old Chirantan Patnaik now owns the official record for longest continuous play session on "GTA IV" thanks to certification from Guinness World Records (and a long-lasting PlayStation 3).

"There are so many other games which I have played for long hours," Patnaik said, according to Zee News. "But I had never tried playing this particular game seriously. However, I knew that I can do it after I saw my brother playing it."

Patnaik credits a stringent exercise regiment of running and yoga for his accomplishment, which eclipses the previously held record of 28 hours and 1 minute, held by an American.

"The longest continuous play session on 'Grand Theft Auto IV' is 40 hours 20 minutes, by Chirantan Patnaik (India), at the offices of the gaming blog NeuralChaos.com from 4-6 September 2009," Guiness World Records PR executive Karolina Thelin said in an official statement.

The new record holder now has even greater ambitions, reportedly aspiring to pass the 48-hour mark in his next session. He should be careful, though, as he'll be getting dangerously close to the deadly 50-hour mark that killed a "Starcraft" player in South Korea.

What's the longest single sitting you've dedicated to "Grand Theft Auto IV"? Do you you think you could make it for 40 hours straight? (Please, don't try this at home.) Share your thoughts in the comment section below.