Xbox Live Indie Games Showcase - Honorable Mentions

Xbox Live Indie Games

Something a little different this week: Instead of focusing on one Indie Game, here’s a selection of fifteen titles. I didn’t love any of them quite enough to give them their own entry, but all are well worth a try, and you may find some more enjoyable than titles I’ve highlighted in the past.

"Aria": A neat fusion of co-op twin-stick shooter and music visualizer. Aria’s not a perfect game, but the ability to game while listening to your music is always a thrill.

"Blow": A slow-paced but fun puzzle game. The tutorial levels are awfully irritating, but the game’s a relaxing challenge.

"BluePrint Race 4d": A simple racing game with a great visual style.

"Exhaust": Obnoxiously difficult but fiendishly fun 2-D physics challenge racer... thing.

"The Gravity Effect": A crude but interesting platformer, with some genuinely neat level ideas.

"Heoxthermic": A Flash-style puzzle game with a lovely guitar soundtrack.

"Hexement": Holy crap, someone ported "Wetrix"! Drop sea, land, and volcanos onto a flat planet, and try to keep it from flooding, tipping over, or otherwise going Biblical on you.

"Johnny Platform's Biscuit Romp": Low-tech, old-fashioned platforming, with considerable English charm.

"Pegzo": A series of Chinese-checker-inspired puzzles, with charming visuals.

"Slam": A completely groovy fusion of Breakout and Pinball, and way more addictive than it deserve to be.

"StarPilot": It's light cycles! I love light cycles! Wheee!

"Time Flows But Does Not Return": Incredibly pretentious, but not uninteresting. The demo provides a pretty full experience, so you have nothing to lose but your time.

"Trion": A simple and satisfying Qix-style action game, with delightful, minimalist design.

"Zoomaroom": Adorable but demanding physics platformer. Your enjoyment will depend on how much you like being tortured, but if you’re a fan of classic platformers, you probably enjoy it lots.