'Uncharted' Prequel Story Coming To Motion Comic

Uncharted 2

The sequel to "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune" may already be on shelves this week with "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves," and the game franchise has already been announced as a film in development at Columbia Pictures. The story before "Drake's Fortune," however, looks to be destined for a new medium altogether -- motion comics. Exactly how those will be distributed -- via Xbox Live, iTunes or otherwise -- wasn't made clear, but some of the same talent from the series will be involved.

"We're releasing a prequel story to 'Uncharted 1' as a motion comic, voiced by your favorite actors from the two games," "Uncharted" lead designer Neil Druckmann told PlayStation.Blog. "Stay tuned for more info."

For anyone unaware, motion comics are usually Flash animation style segments composed with 2-D artwork and minimal figure articulation or mouth movement. Since the story is new, they would presumably be putting together new artwork for this, along with laying down the new voice tracks with the script being composed. Exactly how the story fits into the existing "Uncharted" saga will probably have to wait for that "more info" announcement.

They can also be as boring as watching a camera pan over a comic book page very slowly or look spiffy and move smoothly, so hopefully this "Uncharted" motion comic turns out to be the latter.

What story points or characters do you want to see addressed in the "Uncharted" motion comic? How do you think it should be made available? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.