Bon Jovi Backing 'Crystal Bearers' Ad In A Jersey Rock Final Fantasy

Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi's single "We Weren't Born To Follow" may state that it "ain’t about our living in a fantasy," but it it sure isn't opposed to advertising for one. Square Enix ads for "Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers" will drop J-pop in favor of Jersey rock this fall to promote the game's November Japanese release, and the group's song about gritty life challenges will provide the soundtrack.

The new ad will air in Japan later this month, according to Siliconera.

Lyrically, the song may make quite a bit of sense, since it is built from the sort of broad, ambiguous, hyper-dramatic emo language that JRPG's are known for. Plus it's all about a road to follow and the winds of change, so it may match up convincingly with the quest of "The Crystal Bearers."

As of now there's been now confirmation that the music will be included in the game itself -- or in any ad campaigns for the game's winter U.S. release -- Japan and Internet video sites may be the only place to catch the commercial once it airs.

Do think Bon Jovi and "Final Fantasy" sound like a natural team? Do you approve of Square Enix's non-traditional music choice for the ads? Share your your thoughts in the comment section below.