'Epic Mickey' Villain Unveiled

Epic Mickey

The first concept art for one of the villains in Junction Point's "Epic Mickey" has been laid out in a drawing table video, and he doesn't look like anything Mickey's gone up against before. Slowly revealed in a time-lapse film, the so-called "Beetleworx" creature is modeled after Hades from "Hercules" and appears to be a mash-up of something created by the sadistic mad scientist kid Sid in "Toy Story," a "Quake II" enemy and the X-Men villain Mojo. Though no in-game shots have been released into the wild yet, the Wii Disney title definitely has a darker tinge to its material so far.

The sped up 30-minute sequence features Junction Point artist Jordan Lamarre-Wan, according to GameInformer.com, who posted the first-look.

At this point, all that is known about the game is that it will involve Mickey's quest to restore the artwork of the Disney-verse, and that Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and the Phantom Blot will be behind the malevolent mischief at work.

The Beetleworx has bottles of something plugged into its shoulder, which could potentially be paint or ink, given the thematic elements of the plot. What he shoots, what he's made from and who made him is entirely ripe for speculation.

What are your impressions of the enemy concept art from "Epic Mickey"? Do you like the darker direction is seems to be taking? Share your reactions in the comment section below.