EA: 'Left 4 Dead 2' and 'Mass Effect 2' PS3 Listings An Error

Mass Effect 2

Rumors of non-exclusivity erupted after EA's Russian website posted listings for PlayStation 3 copies of "Left 4 Dead 2" and "Mass Effect 2," but EA has now crushed those hopes like so many recyclable cans, so expect to see them sticking to the Xbox 360 in the console marketplace. Apparently, someone in Europe just made a mistake somewhere along the line, and the titles will remain tied to the 360 and PC.

The PS3 releases were posted in error, according to EA's official statement to Euogamer. Seeing the games appear on the PS3 would have been a major coup since neither of the first games in the two franchises appeared for both consoles and no possibility of PS3 expansion has been discussed. It's likely that no one was more surprised to see the EA listings than Valve and BioWare.

The 360 and PC versions that do exist, meanwhile, are still slated to be on store shelves gazing across the aisles at PS3 racks on November 17. They are not rumors and have not been taken off of EA's website.

Would like to the "Left 4 Dead" and "Mass Effect" franchises expand to the PS3? Or do you think they are better suited to stay on their 360 and PC platforms. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.