'Resistance 3' Revealed On Billboard?

Project Resistance 3

Some carefully planned in-movie marketing may have given away some unofficial details about "Resistance 3" this week. A snapshot shows a billboard left at a recent filming location for the Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez movie "Battle: Los Angeles." If this billboard is actually being used to advertise the next "Resistance" sequel, it's a fair bet that the game's launch will correlate with that film's February 2011 release date. Furthermore, the logo appears to show a silhouetted Statue of Liberty in the middle, indicative of some New York City involvement in the game.

The two photos come from a "Battle: Los Angeles" set in Shreveport, Louisiana, according to the user who posted them on NeoGAF.

Corporal Capelli and Nathan Hale took it to the Chimera in "Resistance 2," but the aliens may have quite a comeback plotted if the next battlefield turns out to be Manhattan.

None of this seems to be official yet, as Sony and Insomniac Games haven't commented, but the overpass certainly seems to be a very public place to install a sign for an unannounced release. Without any official word on the status of the project, a year and a half is a long way off, and the biggest in-movie advertising doesn't necessarily mean that "Resistance 3" will be ready to ship by February 2011, particularly if that date hasn't been named in a press release yet.

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