'Project Runway' Game Coming To Wii From Atari

Project Runway

"Project Runway" hosts Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn may both be involved in Atari's latest reality-TV-to-gaming project. Weinstein Co. will collaborate with Atari to bring its seminal fashion-design competition to the Nintendo Wii, using the Remote Controller and that Balance Board that Beyoncé is so fond of for its interface, and that game may be out as soon as next spring.

"Of all the brand opportunities out there, we thought ‘Project Runway’ was the leading fashion brand," Atari's president and CEO Jim Wilson told Variety. "The audience is building, the talent is recognizable. It reaches such a broad audience."

The deal implies that more games could follow on other systems, but the Wii is Atari's first priority.

Weinstein Co. co-chairman Harvey Weinstein sounded like he hasn't played too many video games over the last few decades, saying he hoped that the the shows fans could "participate in the program they love by using this new medium as a tool to explore their creativity."

I'll cut him some slack and assume he means it will be new for the show's viewers who don't play video games either. since we all know Barbie broke ground in fashion video games years ago on Game Boy.

Do you think "Project Runway" sounds like a good fit for the Wii? Do you have any interest in stitching new dresses with the Wii Remote? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.