Exclusive: Eliza Dushku May Work On Live Action 'WET' Movie

Eliza Dushku recently starred in Bethesda and A2M's "WET," an action game with '70s, Tarantino-esque style. Dushku played Rubi, a no-nonsense gun for hire who runs afoul of some pretty unsavory characters. Given its movie-inspired roots, seems like it'd be a perfect fit for a big screen flick. Check out the video of Dushku talking with MTV News regarding the role and her thoughts on maybe doing a movie based on "WET."

"This video game 'Wet' I just did, she's got a working class Lara Croft thing going on, and she's pretty kick ass. She travels the globe, she's in Hong Kong and she's in the UK and she's a gun for hire and she's got two samurai swords. She's pretty vicious. So that's been something that maybe could turn into a live-action Dushku vehicle."

Sounds like it's something she's definitely into doing. And hey, we'd have no problem with it either!