'Fable 3' To Feature Project Natal Controls?

While "Fable 2" is testing out new distribution methods, Lionhead Studios founder Peter Molyneux is busy behind the scenes at work "Fable 3." Little more is known about the franchise's next sequel, but Molyneux wants to try a few tricks when it comes to gameplay. Though he stopped short of committing to Project Natal use, he definitely implied that the unreleased control system he helped unveil for Microsoft could play a role.

"Do you really think, knowing me, as maybe you do over the years, I wouldn't want to use something like Natal?" Molyneux said in an interview with Game Kings. "I mean, that's just mad, man."

The veteran developer seemed to openly invite speculation that Natal will have a "Fable 3" presence, but he refused to promise anything explicitly.

"I am going to say it's going to use a controller, but I've never said it's not going to use Natal," he cautioned.

His reasons for secrecy are obvious, however, as the game is still in its infancy, with an optimistic release date in late 2010.

"And obviously what would probably happen if I started talking about this is you would see a little red dot appear moving on my forehead," Molyneux explained. "And then as I would start to speak the words then there would be a shotgun fire, and I would be assassinated. Quite clearly, it is that sensitive."