'Thor' Game Making Progress At Sega

In the world of video games, two years is an eternity. A game can go from pre-production to retail in that span of time. Consoles can rise and fall. Just think: two years ago, “Halo 3” came out this week. There was no such thing as a DSi. The most recent PS3 exclusive was “Heavenly Sword”. A different world, I tell you!

It’s been two and a half years since Sega signed on to make games of Marvel’s superhero movies. Since then, “Iron Man” turned out to be Sega’s single greatest non-Sonic success in years and “The Incredible Hulk” wasn’t that incredible. Just recently, “Iron Man 2” started building hype. The other games Sega announced it would be making, however, haven’t been mentioned since. That is, until notes from an August meeting between Sega and SCEA were leaked.

While the “Captain America” game is still MIA, there’s a slight update on “Thor” included in the meeting notes. Apparently, the game has progressed enough that Sony is asking to see current code from Sega. No development studio is mentioned.

While it would be nice to have a bit more information on the game, this is still very promising information. Since the game is being made to release alongside the upcoming “Thor” film in 2011, this means that Sega is actually spending the time necessary to make a quality product. The first “Iron Man” game was a mess, but Secret Level only had about eighteen months to make it. “Thor” seems to be in caring hands.