Best Place To Buy 'ODST'? Probably Toys R Us

GameStop's pre-order exclusives have certainly encouraged people to throw down money for games early. For example, early birds will get to play as Sgt. Johnson in Firefight Mode (pictured above). And that's pretty good. But Toys R Us has them beat.

Buying "Halo 3: ODST" at Toys R Us will net you an action figure of an ODST an a $20 gift card. You don't even need to have a pre-order! Just walk into a store tomorrow, throw $60 down, and you'll walk out with both. The action figure alone has an $12 value.

Fair warning, though. The Toys R Us gift card expires on November 14th of this year, but if you're planning on getting "Modern Warfare 2," the timing should work out perfectly.

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